Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our B, C and D puppies with their new families

Bianca vom Weberschlösschen moved to VA

Hi Alexandra!!
Oh, we have had the BEST week with your little girl!! She is such a little love!! Not much of a biter and was potty-trained in the first day! We couldn't ask for a better personality, either!! She is absolutely hysterical!! Bianca is like a little cartoon character when she scampers in place before actually getting that forward movement! She has us in stitches constantly!!

Dorothy vom Weberschlösschen aka Isabella moved to NY
Dorothy aka Isabella at her new home

 Dear Alexandra
Just wanted to give an update on Isabella (Dorothy vom Weberschlösschen). Since the weather was cold and windy earlier part of last week she wasn't too eager to do her business outside. Finally, she has found a spot in the yard that has dirt in which she just loves to go and explore and do her business. She starts to bark and does what I call a little back and forth dance to let me know she is going to do her business. She is a smart little peanut and so lovable. The boys are still trying to adjust to her presence and they put her in her place when they don't want to be bothered, but she's not afraid to defend herself. Today, she had her 1st experience with the snow and she was like a little snow bunny running around and licking the snow. She loves it.

I have posted some pictures on my facebook page. She is a ham and loves to pose for the camera. In the little time she has been with us she has brought us so much joy.
Thank you so much and we will continue to give you updates.

Dominik vom Weberschlösschen stayed in PA
"Nikki" at his new home

Dominik is adapting well to his new surroundings; far better than I expected! He has already learned to use the "puppy pads" in our garage to do his business. Sometimes he does forget and leaves me a quarter sized spot on the carpet. I believe he does this just to make me run the carpet shampooer which he enjoys chasing. He enjoys running up and down the little ramp that I made for Maxwell to negotiate the one step from the house to our garage.

Nikki is eating well, not overeating, and enjoys a variety of things as you suggested. Hardest thing is nighttime when he does cry quite a bit from time to time. I can't bear to know the little tyke is in emotional distress. I know this will pass with time as it did with Maxwell.
As you mentioned, he has sure put life back into this house. Be the end of the day I am totally rung out. Its a good feeling!

Dandridge and Darcy vom Weberschlösschen
moved to MD

The pups are getting used to their surroundings and seem to be adjusting well ... so far they haven't threatened to run away from home so we must be doing OK.
We appreciate your work with the dogs, they are everything we expected.

Bertram and Bogard vom Weberschlösschen moved to Houston TX

They were perfect!  We gave them a little food and water and took them out when we go home.  They slept til 7:30 this morning!  We have been out 20 times this morning and now they are howling!  I put them in their crate so I can shower and dress!   They played with some toys and had a big time rolling around the kitchen this morning.  Thanks so much for bring them to the airport.  The stewardesses loved them.  They got wings for their first flight!  I will keep you posted
Bogner and Bertram vom Weberschlösschen with their "Cousin" Miss Daisy

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A note from Maria and Prinzessin Sophia vom Weberschlösschen

Anya Maria vom Weberschlösschen aka Anya
and Prinzessin Sophia vom Weberschlösschen
Hi Alexandra,
I've attached two pictures of our buddies for you. I've checked out your facebook page, although I don't have one of my own, but I was still able to see pictures. I just loved the "feeding time" picture of all those adorable puppies. (And also the "Lazy Co-pilot" picture stands out for me too.) Can't imagine how crazy, yet fun, it must have been, and possibly still is, for all of you with all those sweet puppies. You really do breed the best dogs. We couldn't be happier with our two. I've had a dog in my life, all of my life, and these two honestly are the most well behaved, balanced, eager to please, easy to train, happy go lucky little critters I've ever owned. I've also never seen either one of them growl or show their teeth. They truly are a pleasure to have in the house. When they play, it's better than watching TV! I still haven't mastered trimming the hair between their toes though. When I'm done with them, they look like they had a "bad haircut"! But, they don't care. They love us anyway. And, we love them.
Take care,

Patti, Kenny and the dogs