Monday, December 03, 2012

Greetings from Giovanni vom Weberschlösschen aka Rudy

This is the anniversary of his forever homecoming! Such a happy day for our family, happier with him one year later than we were even able to imagine than! He is a joy! People are to this dog as the best cut of steak is to most dogs. I took him with me last night to pick up Gene from the airport and he was looking out the car window wagging his tale & yelping with excitement as people passed by. He always goes crazy wanting to meet everyone he sees. People love to pet him & everyone says, "he is a beautiful dog!" He has completed a puppy training class & he's fairly obedient but he needs refreshers now & then. The SPCA has a 10 week course that is supposed to be really good so I am waiting on the next new class. The funniest thing about him & that I hear is true to breed is how he borrows under the bed covers.

Our wonderful cat Puzr deserves an award for patience & tolerance because he is never going to see him as anything but an irresistible chase. However, Puzr doesn't enjoy the sport so much. He will jump up any where he can to get away from him & occasionally swat at him but never aggressively enough to hurt him and then Doodle takes off running. Sometimes they take turns chasing each other.

Again, thanks for the great work you do breeding these wonderful dogs & bringing so much joy into the world! Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!