Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Photo Galleries are posted

We added new Photo Galleries of our litters A-U and our dogs at shows,

Monday, October 05, 2009

NATC Zuchtschau 3.October 2009

This years NATC Fall Zuchtschau was held October 3rd 2009 at our place in Adamstown PA, Herr Wilfried Petersen Federal Chairman for Conformation Judges of the DTK came from Germany to judge the dogs.

We had a beautiful sunny warm Fall day, and Teckelfriends with their four legged friends came from all over the USA arriving by car and plane, from Texas, Florida, Virginia, South Carolina, New Hampshire, and New York and some did not have quite such a distance to travel.

The spectator and exhibitors appreciated very much, that Herr Petersen took a lot of time explaining how he is examining a dog on the table, and he explained in detail why a dog received a certain rating called "Formwert" after he was done judging a dog.
First the dogs were weight, then their chest were measured, then their bite and teeth were check,- all teeth were counted, each vertebrae of the tail was examined. In male dogs the judge checked if for both testicles were present, he also checked the quality and amount of the coat. Also the dogs temperament during the examination was evaluated, if the dog was scared, timid or relaxed and friendly.

Then the exhibitor had to walk the dog in the ring, and Herr Petersen judged the dog at the gait, and then received a rating and a written evaluation.

Here is Olivia vom Weberschlösschen on the judging table, she came all the way from TX with her owner, but it was worth while she received the rating "Excellent" or Vorzüglich, and is a beautiful Kaninchenteckel bitch. Below Olivia in the ring.

After all the dogs were judges, Herr Petersen called all the dogs that have received the rating "Excellent" back into the ring, to dogs for best of breed and best in group.

Alina vom Rathausplatz, Owner Sabine Lang Breeder Thomas Knoch Germany, was picked best of breed for the wire hair teckel,

Agnetha von Ulls Gesellen Owner & breeder Anke Master was picked for the smooth hair teckel, and our Amore Mio von Schloss Tenneberg, breeder Petra Oelling Waltershausen Germany was picked for the longhair teckel and was also picked Best of show.
At this Zuchtschau Mio was approved to be eligible for the DTK breeding program. We are very proud and happy to own such a nice dog, and we are hoping he will give us lots of nice Weberschlösschen off springs. Herr Petersen said, "There is not much to say -the dog is perfect in every way"

We are taking notes.... Oh o.k. that is how it is done in the show ring.... around around around we go ....

our Junior Handlers...

Lydia holding Jesse James and Jimmy