Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our S Boys moved to their new homes.....

We heard from Serge and his family, he moved to N.J
.......he had good first night-crate at around 11, yelped for 10 minutes or so, then fell asleep. Got him up around 6, he ate a full breakfast without picking his head up out of the bowl, He's playfull, tail up and wagging, exploring, and did his first poop outside. He seems really sweet. He's going to be a handfull I can tell, but he's been started well. Great job and thanks! Vince
We heard from Samuel aka Maxi (no picture yet) lives with his new family in PA at a retirement community........He has met a lot of people wo of course all think that he is the cutest puppy they have seen. He brings lots of joy and smiles to people he meets -Karin

Siegfried aka "Finn" lives with his new family and big brother "Porter" a lab in MD Stanley lives with his new family in PA We heard that he made it home safe and sound, and is a happy playfull puppy with good appetite. Stanleys family wrote -We want to thank you for the little bundle of joy, he's going to make a great friend.-Tim
Simon moved with his family to R.I.
Hi Alexandra, Simon just had a vet visit and he's 5.5 pounds now. He's doing well. Housebreaking is still so-so but he's doing great overnight in the crate. He's a big snuggler and gets lots of exercise. He's the star of the show whenever we go out. The vet tech where we go wrote down your name because her friend is looking for a mini longhaired dachshund and hasn't been able to find anyone reputable around here. The vet was impressed with Simon's excellent teeth alignment and overall condition. Hope you are well. Jess

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Amore Mio von Schloss Tenneberg

A very promising Zwergteckel Male here at 10 month

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lexi and Lilly vom Pfauenhof

our two new Kaninchenteckel girls-
looking very promissing!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

NEWS from our puppies and their families that just left us.....

New Pictures from Rachel vom Weberschlösschen aka Tesla

A new picture from Raleigh

Again we heard from Quadro's family (3-8-09)

Hello Alexandra,
Quadro is growing so fast, and he is so beautifu! Our vet told us he ist the best looking puppy she has ever seen. He is also a very smart little guy. He loves to do new things and he's learning what we teach him very quickly. His personality continues to expand, he has lots of energy and sleeps well all through the night. Each evening before his bedtime he lays on my lap and is quiet - I can even knit with him on my lap before bed. We give him walks each day weather permitting and pay games with him several times a day. He loves the interaction and loves to meet our firends as well. I couldn't ask for a better puppy and I know he is this way because of all your hard work over the years, the many trips to Germany and your ecxellent breeding skills. I thank you for Quadro all the time. Sincerely, Claudia

We heard from Quadro living with his new family in Wisconsin

Hello Alexandra,Quadro is a wonderful, good puppy! He was a little anxious for a couple days but we stuck to the routine we set out for him and he has settled in quite nicely. I am so impressed with the training you gave him. He used the newspapers in his playpen from the beginning and sleeps through the nights! We have him in a crate next to my bed at night; once he's housebroken he can sleep in a regular dog bed. For now, he'll be confined to the playpen in our kitchen unless we're exercising or playing with him. He gets several play times from each of us every day. We also have a large tiled basement and take him there for exercise - he's so cute as he scampers around. And when I walk around the basement he follows me - just like you said. He played with a friend's puppy who visited this weekend-lots of our friends have stopped in over the weekend to meet him and he greeted them all warmly. Today he took a nap on my lap - he's such a dear, sweet puppy! He goes to the vet this week for his booster shot. He has a full life! Thank you so much, we really appreciate all your time and good work in breeding and raising such a fine dog. we'll keep in touch. - Claudia

We heard from Queen Koume's family, she is living now in the USA, but in September she will be moving with her family to Japan.
Dear Alexandra,
Thank you for giving us the chance to live with Q. Koume! We really appreciate everything. She is very cute, curious, and powerful. She has already made us surprise because she succeeded in peeing just first time and never fail. As you know, we had some hard situations before meeting her, and almost gave up the life with her. But now she is here. We realize that this is the perfect life and can do anything for her. We really appreciate your kindness and giving us this life.
We will take great care of her and live best with her in Japan.
Rika & Tetsuo

Here is a picture of Quinn and Nico vom Weberschlösschen, with in minutes were
"Best Buddies"

We heard from Raleigh's family:

Dear Alexandra,
Raleigh is a very bright, beautiful, alert, and sweet puppy. Remy and Ripley are great with him. Ripley plays the most with him. He is the one that has retained his puppy-like qualities even though he is 9. Remy who is 11 is more the motherly type. He has a very healthy appetite. The housebreaking is going well; but I must stick to a strict schedule. I did not have to use the crate. I gate him in the kitchen with Remy and Ripley when I go to work. They all cuddle in their bed. I come home for lunch and walk all three pups. Raleigh walks so well on his leash right beside me. Thank you for all your hard work with breeding healthy, happy, puppies! Congratulations on your Breeder’s Award. It is well deserved. Your “S” Litter is beautiful. Attached are some pictures.
All my best,
Danusia Here is Raleigh snuggling with Remy and Ripley

Dear Alexandra,Thank you once again for giving us such great dogs! Romeo is certainly one in the making! He slept most of the way back (2 hours) cuddled between Laurie and Monsieur Dupont. He has used the newspaper twice (pee and poop) and loves his new bed that Monsieur Dupont shares with him. He has not eaten much though. Maybe a good night sleep will bring back his appetite! I am looking forward to it all and will keep you informed on his development.Thank you, thank you, thank you!Caroline, Sophie, Michel, Monsieur Dupont and Romeo
Romeo is doing so well with Monsieur Dupont. He goes outside with Monsieur Dupont and does not use the paper anymore! We simply can't believe it! He sleeps all night from 9:30pm to 6am! We are amazed!Again, thank you for giving us once more the best puppy!Fondly,Caroline & family xoxo
We heard from Quinton and his brother Gunny vom Weberschlösschen, both are best buddies and having a blast together, especially when the other two Olina and Gibbs vom Weberschlösschen come over to play Here Quinton taking a nap
Quinton vom Weberschlösschen
Gunter and Quinton vom Weberschlösschen
From Rachel's family in Pittsburgh now aka "Tesla", she even got a Welcome Cake....