Thursday, October 28, 2010

NATC Event October 2010 Rockford IL

On October 9th I traveled with Jimmy, JesseJames and Felix to our NATC Event to Rockford IL. It was a long, long trip and I never driven that far alone, but the weather was beautiful, and I had a great Co-Pilot what more could I have asked for?
Are we there yet......? How long till we're there?
Saturday night we spent the night just before Toledo OH, Anke from N.J. met us there.

Toledo OH
Monday morning we had the Zuchtschau at the Forest City Dog Training Club, it was a very nice facility, and everything was well organized. We enjoyed meeting new teckelfriends and and teckels from all over the US, and enjoyed visiting with "old" friends. We got to see Olivia vom Weberschlösschen and Quadro vom Weberschlösschen, this is always very special to see our Weberschlösschen kids.
Herr Andreas Tornau was our judge for this event, and he was a great judge-, well liked by owners and teckels. He knew enough English to explain his judging without translator, and was very comfortable doing so.
Jimmy Best longhair of the show

Olivia vom Weberschlösschen Rating "Vorzüglich"

Felix a at almost 5 years of age still got his "Vorzüglich"
he was just shown for fun since he was along as my travel buddy.
Tuesday we headed back East, we got Jimmy approved for breeding as a Kt male and Jesse James as a Zwerg male, so we got done what we needed too. We would have enjoyed staying for the other events, but since we had other commitments we needed to head back.
I drove straight through, and I was never happier to see this sign

Jimmy and JesseJames, See you at the next NATC Event
June 10th 2011 Rockaway NJ