Saturday, January 24, 2009

Our S litter arrived!

Parents are Jutta and Felix vom Weberschlösschen, puppies arrived January 21. 2009 Here they are at 5 days old. Jutta had 5 boys and 1 tiny girl. The little girl weight less than half of the boys, we tried our best, but it was not enough and our "Sunshine" left us.
Since birth the boys have grown like weeds and doing really well
Samson, Samuel, Stanley, Siegfried, and Serge (all of them reserved)
This litter is one of the last Zwerg and Kaninchenteckel cross litters and more likely this combination will never happen again. As of January 1. 2009 the VDH (Verein des Deutsches Hundewesen which oversees the Deutsche Teckel Klub) will not allow any more special permits for crossing sizes. Such as the S and Q litter. They want Teckels only be bred to dogs in the same size bred class. In the FCI Standard there are 3 sizes and 3 coats which would make 9 breeds of dachshunds.

Monday, January 19, 2009

DTK SILVER Breeders Award

January 2009, exactly one year after we received our bronze award we received the "Silver" breeder award. This is an award for an outstanding breeding program of healthy, beautiful and correct dogs. To earn points toward it, our dogs with the "Weberschlösschen" name have to be shown at DTK-FCI shows. This means of course traveling to shows in Germany, then we hope that our Weberschlösschen kids would do well to earn points and that it all would be worth while, because we cannot just go to another show a few weeks later. Also one dog has a 10 point limit. Felix, Flori, Finchen and Jutta reached their limit. This prevents breeders from showing always the same dog, and encourage breeders to show their new off springs. .......And yes we are tremendously proud and happy to be awarded the "Silver Breeders Award"

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year from the Weberschlösschen Puppies!

There is no better way to start the New Year than
with a basket full of
Weberschlösschen puppies!
Here the 6 Qs and 4Rs bringing in the new year sleeping.....