Saturday, October 18, 2008

New pictures of our Weberschlösschen Girls

Jutta vom Weberschlösschen

Mandy vom Weberschlösschen

Michayla vom Weberschlösschen

Friday, October 03, 2008

NATC Zuchtschau and Events

On September 24th -September 28th the NATC (North American Teckel Club) held its events in Reading Pa and some Events at our place. Wednesday and Thursday the NATC offered a blood tracking seminar which was well attended. On Friday the members meet at the Pocono Beagle Club in Leesport PA for the small game/loud Hunter test. I am sure soon a more detailed report can be read on our clubs website Patt one of our NATC member put togehter an excellent detailed report of the events

This year, former president of the Baverian Dachshund Club Andreas Fichtl was invited as a confirmation judge. He was along at the various hunting tests and the bloodtracking seminar.

The Weberschlösschen Teckel did well. Michayla, Mandy, their sister Madely received a "V" also Jutta did. My buddy Bogard vom Weberschlösschen aka "Buster" finally got his well deserved "V". Unfortunalety Danielle vom Webersschlösschen was disqualifyed due to 3 missing P1. I wished I would have checked her myself according to her vet all 42 were present!

Mandy, Jutta and Michayla vom Weberschlösschen

Our new girls Lexi and Lilly vom Pfauenhof at 7 month got a great evaluation and received "VV" very promising. For them it was the first time in the show ring, and yes they could have done a little better, but they are still pups and considering that they did very well.
Lilly and Lexi
At the end of the show all the dogs that received excellent where in the ring, just for the fun of it Lydia took Toby in the ring (Emilys Corgie pup)

that was a quite a sight.... A corgie among all the teckel, but he showed very well with such an experienced handler!!

Anke Masters with her own bred red and tan smooth bitch Annika von Ulls Gesellen won best in show that day, Congratulations!

Jutta vom Weberschlösschen won best Longhair of the show

Sunday the 28th we had several test at our place. I entered Felix vom Weberschlösschen in the BHP1 and BHP2 which he both passed, I am so proud of him. BHP1 is a obedience test where the dog has to walk "heel" on leash and off leash, through a crowed of people and over obstacles. The off leash heeling could have been better.... Then came the "recall" the dog has to leave and then is called back, Felix did it with "Halt" and got extra points. This is when you signal your dog to stop, he has to stop and then he is picked up by handler. Then the down stay for 5 minutes with the handler standing away at least 50 meters, middle in the field with distraction by a dog and person. then he was tested to recaction to noice which was no big deal to Felix, then he was tested how he reacts to people and traffic. Felix had to sit in the middle at my side, then we were surrounded by people that came walking in close to us, the second time clapping their hands really loud, again Felix showed no reaction, just wondered what that was all about. then he was tested on reaction to traffic and people we had to walk by a person with a newspaper, person opening an umbrella, bike with bell etc, but again Felix handled it very well, I did not expected anything else of a dog that crossed the Atlantic how many times and has been to how many shows??
The BHP2 is where the dog has to find the handler, well I practiced as much as I could but really had no idea if Felix would understand what to do. We had 6 dogs entered. I requested to have Felix tested on another farm because here was his home, if he would not find me he probably would run across the street and go home....

So the judges, Felix and I drove to the other farm. Andy B. the judge walked about a 900ft track in front of me with two right angles. Andy and I found a spot to hide in tall grass, and we gave the o.k for Andreas to let Felix go....and the waiting began. I had to try hard to keep myself hidden I wanted to see so bad what Felix was doing. Andy kept pushing my head down and told me to be quiet, but it was so hard, Andy probably never hidden out with such a fidgety handler. After a while (it seemed for ever) there we seen Felix... he was so close and all of a sudden he was gone and the waiting began again.... and I was waiting for the call the test was failed and to come on out.
Felix vom Weberschlösschen

Well after a long while there came Felix and found me, I cannot discribe how proud I was at that moment.

Teddy who was the field judge explained to me what happend. She said what a intelligent dog you have... and this is what happend. Andreas put Felix at the start of the track, he took to the track right a way and was almost at our hidding place, that is when we spoted Felix. Then Carrie another judge walked from the bottem side of the field in the open so she could see Felix. Felix must have picked up his head, seen Carrie and thought oh there she is and started to run towards Carrie ....realizing it was not me. So he went back to the truck and looked for me. Then Teddy put Felix back on the track, but he had no interest to start again. Then he sat with the judges awhile then went back to the truck to look for me again he went back and forth and wondered what to do. The judges at this point were debating if the test was failed and over. Andreas said no just wait look at Felix he is trying to figure out what to do, give him more time. Then Felix ran back to the spot where he found Carrie, then tracked his own track back to my track, continued, and then he found me. Well yes its my Felix a very intelligent dog! It took a little longer but he passed the test. The second part of the test was that he had to wait patiently outside a building for 5 minutes while a jogger, biker and other dogs walked by, and again it was no big deal for Felix.

There were also gunshyness test, BHP3 and water retrival test offered at the pond of the local rod and gun club . Overall it was one of the best Events we had, more dogs passing tests than before. I was very impressed about all the dogs that retrieved their toy or duck from the water, especially Ankes dog she had a hard time swimming with the duck but would not let go, she was peristence and did a great job.

Sunday evening after all the tests there was lots of paper work, Andreas and our kids enjoyed a football game in the indoor arena till everything else was done.
Teddy our NATC vice president with her dog and hawk

If you like to see more pictures of our NATC Event, Jolanta Jeanneyne took great pictures, and she is happy to share them go to her gallery
or her website