Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Merry Christmas!

May your Christmas be blessed in a multitude of ways
by HIM who is worthy of all our praise!
Have a Joyous Christmas and New Year!
"Glory to GOD in the highest and on earth peace, good will toward men"
Luke 1:14

Christmas Greeting from Germany the C-litter von Schloss Tenneberg

Friday, December 12, 2008

A short but succesful trip to Germany

On December 4th I took Michayla and Mandy vom Weberschlösschen to the CACIB show Kassel. Both of the girls traveled well and we arrived as planed around noon at Günter and Petras place in Waltershausen Thüringen. Michayla and Mandy felt right at home and snuggled with the other dogs there on the "Eckbank" At 15 month according to the German breeding regulations a Zwerg and Kaninchenteckel has to be seen by a German judge to get a rating and has its chest circumference measured, before it can enter the breeding program. Both girls have gotten already excellent ratings but at the time they were not old enough. This was the main reason for taking Michayla and Mandy to this show,. The other option would have been to wait till next September when a German Judge comes here to the USA.

Saturday we went to the show, both girls did well. Michayla got V (excellent) and placed 2. and Mandy got V (excellent) got first place and then had to compete against the winner of the other classes and won this class also.
Here Michayla on the scale on the judges table

Günter and Zina von Schloss Tenneberg (half sister to our Felix Finchen and Flori)
she got V1 and BOB
As always it was a lot of fun being there and seeing Teckelfriends and their dogs.

I am very proud of Michayla and Mandy how they have done with their limited show experience and how well they acted. It seems like nothing bothered them, and they never barked at other dogs, or other people. When we walked through town and other people with dogs, or bike or strollers would approach us, it was like they have seen this before and it was an old hat. I am sure most of the things they experienced and seen they have never seen here on the farm.

We just got back from a walk to the town of Waltershausen, with Elizabeth and her daughter Zina von Schloss Tenneberg and Michayla and Mandy. There you can see the difference between Kaninchen and Zwergteckel. Zina and Elizabeth being the Kaninchenteckel
Günter and Petra had two beautiful males out of their Peggy von Schloss Tenneberg , they decided to let me have one of them for our breeding program. I was allowed to chose between Amore Mio and Amadeus. The decision was not hard and it was decided with in a minute, Amore Mio was the one the has chosen me, he came right up to me, greeted me, and of course Mandy and Michayla liked him too and he liked the girls. So Amore Mio traveled home with us.

On the pictures Mandy on the left, Amore Mio on the right Petra and Günter wanted to send their "Mio" very handsome on his big trip......
first he got his nails trimmed.....

Then he got a bath and seemed to enjoy it..............................

Then got blown dry on the sofa......and then have his Christmas picture taken .....

Amore Mio von Schloss Tenneberg is about 7 month old and is a very promissing Zwergteckel male. He has lot of hunting lines in his background and will be the future sire for our Zwergteckel girls. He first needs to be rated by a German judge at 15 month which will happen the end of September 2009. He has a beautiful deep rich mahogany color, already for his age a beautiful long shinny coat. He is not only beautiful but has the best personality which for us is very important, nothing seems to bother him. He never experienced kids (at least not that many at one time) and lots of people, but greeted everyone right away and felt right at home. He knew right away what to do with Lydia and Maddys little chairs, Felix and Finchen did not even have to show him.