Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Photo Gallery from Germany

Click on the link below if you want to see more picture from our trip and dogs shows, but please be patient it will take some time to load.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Our Trip to Germany Oktober 2007

On September 27th Lydia, I and our two dogs Felix and Finchen went to Germany. Lydia was the best travel buddy I could have wished for she was always a sunshine and never complained about anything.
We were held on the runway in Philadelphia for 2 hours, we were told it was the weather, but it didn't seem right because it was a beautiful cloudless day, and we found out all the flights from JFK were also grounded for 2 hours. So we missed our connection flight to Munich and had to wait for the next flight, but it all worked out it was just took a little longer.
It was raining in Munich and very cloudy and cold.
We got to our home at Walchensee, Bavaria Friday night around 6 PM and when we got there we could see the sunset over the moutains, what a blessing it was to see these mountains after such a hard day of traveling!
We unpacked or rather repacked because we left early Saturday morning for the Spezial and Landessiegerschau of the Bayrischen Dachshundklub which was held in the cutes little village of Kaltental. With lots of sunshine we left around 8 AM for the show. Everytime I am driving through this beautiful peaceful scenery I am in awe and I feel so much at home. Lydia wondered when the "barrel racing" is ever going to stop because we had to drive a few very tight mountain passes.
Around 10 we got to Kaltental-Aufkirch. The show was held outdoors at the villages townhall that was also the firehall. My aunt Erne, Hans and Kristina came and meet us there. We got out of our car and parked right beside teckel friends that I met in Mexico City at the world show that was a nice way to start of the day.
On the first day Finchen got V1 Felix V2
Second day both Finchen and Felix got Landessieger Südbayern and Felix was awarded nicest Longhair out of all the Longhair dachshunds.
My dear friends Petra and Günter made the long trip from Thüringen their Nobel got Jugendlandessieger von Südbayern.

The following week we spent at Walchensee, my aunt Erne, and cousin Kristina came to visit and we did a lot of hiking, relaxing and just enjoying being at the most beautiful place on earth (sorry I am bias)

We also had a chance for a short visit in Neuffen my old home town before we headed up to the Bundessiegerschau in Dortmund. There we meet my dear friends Petra, Günter, Heinrich and Inge. We stayed at Heinrich and Inge´s house for 4 days and had a wonderful time visiting. Thank you family and friends for a wonderful visit.
If you want to see more pictures, visit our gallery

In Dortmund Finchen vom Weberschlösschen was Bundersiegerin 2007! And her Dad Ken vom Waldesrain got BOB and Bundessieger 2007 Congratulations Ken, Heinrich and Inge! Uschi vom Schloss Tenneberg got Jugendbundessieger 2007 Congratulations Uschi, Petra and Günter!

NATC Zuchtschau 2007

The NATC (North American Teckel Club) held their anual Zuchtschau (conformation show) at our place. Herr Robert Osterwalder from Switzerland was the judge.
Felix vom Weberschlösschen won the best dog of the show and Finchen shown by Lydia place third