Saturday, September 01, 2012

Our K2 Litter puppies in their new home

Kolby vom Weberschlösschen
Hey Alexandra, just wanted to give you an update on Kolby's (now Reggie) adjustment. He really is the best puppy I could have asked for. We are still working on house training, but he has only had one accident! He loves spending time outside and loves taking naps in the grass. He loves to cuddle but also can be a firecracker when you get him playing! He is eating and sleeping well. I am working on crate training him. He sleeps all the way through the night (11 pm- 6 am) in his crate with no whining. Now, I am working on crate training him in the car. He really has been such a bundle of joy. He has already brought me so many smiles and so much happiness. Everyone who meets him can't believe how well behaved he is yet how much fun he is! Thank you for everything Alexandra. I really love him so much!
Karleinz vom Weberschlösschen 4,5 month old aka Beau

Karlheinz vom Weberschlösschen aka Beau, makes his forever home in CA
Thank you for making this experience possible. For allowing me to own two of your dogs I love so very much. I feel honored.


King Midas vom Weberschlösschen, loves to swim!

King Midas vom Weberschlösschen gets to go shopping with his girls
Greetings Alexandra!

First let me apologize for not writing sooner but it's been busy around here. I have to say that Midas is the best puppy we've ever had. He is sweet, smart and very funny. He has had a couple of accidents in the house but it was our fault. Knock on wood, he hasn't had an accident in quite some time so I think it's safe to say that he is housebroken!! Everyone loves him and all of my friends now want a dachshund puppy! Midas and our new kitten Charlie bonded from the minute Midas walked in the door. They are the best of friends. They play together and sleep together. Sometimes Midas even thinks he is a cat and pounces on different things. It's really quite funny. Honestly I am pretty sure that's what keeps Midas out of trouble - he runs through the house playing with Charlie like their litter mates and eventually wears himself out. When people come to my house and see them together they can't believe it. As for the other cats, they have no interest in Midas whatsoever. He repeatedly tries to play with them and they continue to swat at him. Our older cats don't have their front claws so it's pretty funny when Midas rolls over on his side and cries because they physically haven't hurt him. Charlie still has his front claws but oddly enough he has never used them on Midas. They really do love each other. As for the kids, they adore Midas and he adores them. The baby has a thing for sticking her fingers in our pets mouths and Midas lets her and has never even growled. She is generally very nice to Midas but a few times she has "hugged" him a little too hard and he patiently sits there until one of us rescues him. We also recently got a small above ground pool and Midas loves it. He is a great swimmer! When I give the girls a bath he is always trying to get in the tub so needless to say he just loves the water - pool and bath! Because we now have a pool our yard needs to be fenced in so our new privacy fence is being installed next week. The girls can't wait to run around with him out back. We sometimes let him off the lead and he is a trip so I can't wait until he is able to do that all the time. Tom and I are even considering getting him a friend in the near future. We will certainly be in touch if we do decide to bring one of his cousins home. I will never get a puppy from anyone else.
Thank you so much for this wonderful addition to our family!
Kreuzer vom Weberschlösschen, makes his forever home in OH,


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