Wednesday, April 24, 2013

NATC Teckel Outing Rock Creek Park Washington DC

We had a wonderful day for our Teckel Outing on April 21. 2013, we stopped counting at 35 Teckels. We had lots of fun visiting with each other and hiking with our Teckels through the beautiful Rock Creek Park
A very successful outing with 35 + Teckels
Yoschi vom Weberschlösschen going for a swim

One of our members wanted to hold all the teckels and some of them were not even on the picture!

Here is a link to more picture of our Teckel Outing

Pictures of our Weberschlösschen Kids #2

Alistar, son of Zoe vom Weberschlösschen and Amore Mio
Yoschi vom Weberschlösschen
Yoschi vom Weberschlösschen
Nigel and Conrad vom Weberschlösschen
Karlheinz vom Weberschlösschen aka Beau
Conrad vom Weberschlösschen
Karlheinz vom Weberschlösschen aka Beau, in CA

Monday, December 03, 2012

Greetings from Giovanni vom Weberschlösschen aka Rudy

This is the anniversary of his forever homecoming! Such a happy day for our family, happier with him one year later than we were even able to imagine than! He is a joy! People are to this dog as the best cut of steak is to most dogs. I took him with me last night to pick up Gene from the airport and he was looking out the car window wagging his tale & yelping with excitement as people passed by. He always goes crazy wanting to meet everyone he sees. People love to pet him & everyone says, "he is a beautiful dog!" He has completed a puppy training class & he's fairly obedient but he needs refreshers now & then. The SPCA has a 10 week course that is supposed to be really good so I am waiting on the next new class. The funniest thing about him & that I hear is true to breed is how he borrows under the bed covers.

Our wonderful cat Puzr deserves an award for patience & tolerance because he is never going to see him as anything but an irresistible chase. However, Puzr doesn't enjoy the sport so much. He will jump up any where he can to get away from him & occasionally swat at him but never aggressively enough to hurt him and then Doodle takes off running. Sometimes they take turns chasing each other.

Again, thanks for the great work you do breeding these wonderful dogs & bringing so much joy into the world! Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Our K2 Litter puppies in their new home

Kolby vom Weberschlösschen
Hey Alexandra, just wanted to give you an update on Kolby's (now Reggie) adjustment. He really is the best puppy I could have asked for. We are still working on house training, but he has only had one accident! He loves spending time outside and loves taking naps in the grass. He loves to cuddle but also can be a firecracker when you get him playing! He is eating and sleeping well. I am working on crate training him. He sleeps all the way through the night (11 pm- 6 am) in his crate with no whining. Now, I am working on crate training him in the car. He really has been such a bundle of joy. He has already brought me so many smiles and so much happiness. Everyone who meets him can't believe how well behaved he is yet how much fun he is! Thank you for everything Alexandra. I really love him so much!
Karleinz vom Weberschlösschen 4,5 month old aka Beau

Karlheinz vom Weberschlösschen aka Beau, makes his forever home in CA
Thank you for making this experience possible. For allowing me to own two of your dogs I love so very much. I feel honored.


King Midas vom Weberschlösschen, loves to swim!

King Midas vom Weberschlösschen gets to go shopping with his girls
Greetings Alexandra!

First let me apologize for not writing sooner but it's been busy around here. I have to say that Midas is the best puppy we've ever had. He is sweet, smart and very funny. He has had a couple of accidents in the house but it was our fault. Knock on wood, he hasn't had an accident in quite some time so I think it's safe to say that he is housebroken!! Everyone loves him and all of my friends now want a dachshund puppy! Midas and our new kitten Charlie bonded from the minute Midas walked in the door. They are the best of friends. They play together and sleep together. Sometimes Midas even thinks he is a cat and pounces on different things. It's really quite funny. Honestly I am pretty sure that's what keeps Midas out of trouble - he runs through the house playing with Charlie like their litter mates and eventually wears himself out. When people come to my house and see them together they can't believe it. As for the other cats, they have no interest in Midas whatsoever. He repeatedly tries to play with them and they continue to swat at him. Our older cats don't have their front claws so it's pretty funny when Midas rolls over on his side and cries because they physically haven't hurt him. Charlie still has his front claws but oddly enough he has never used them on Midas. They really do love each other. As for the kids, they adore Midas and he adores them. The baby has a thing for sticking her fingers in our pets mouths and Midas lets her and has never even growled. She is generally very nice to Midas but a few times she has "hugged" him a little too hard and he patiently sits there until one of us rescues him. We also recently got a small above ground pool and Midas loves it. He is a great swimmer! When I give the girls a bath he is always trying to get in the tub so needless to say he just loves the water - pool and bath! Because we now have a pool our yard needs to be fenced in so our new privacy fence is being installed next week. The girls can't wait to run around with him out back. We sometimes let him off the lead and he is a trip so I can't wait until he is able to do that all the time. Tom and I are even considering getting him a friend in the near future. We will certainly be in touch if we do decide to bring one of his cousins home. I will never get a puppy from anyone else.
Thank you so much for this wonderful addition to our family!
Kreuzer vom Weberschlösschen, makes his forever home in OH,

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Emily vom Weberschlösschen

Here is our Emily vom Weberschlösschen 10 month old out of Mandy vom Weberschlösschen and Oskar von Schloss Tenneberg

Ilja vom Weberschlösschen aka Willi

Little Willi traveled all the way to Germany to make his home in Oberbayern am Walchensee. He was such a great little traveller and did not make one "Peep" in his pet travel bag which was right under the airplane seat infront of me.
Willi at his new home

Friday, December 30, 2011

Our G2 puppies moved out

The G2 litter is moving out 2 girls and 4 boys out of Elizabeth vom Weberschlösschen and Jesse James von Rehblick
George vom Weberschlösschen moved to MD from his family:
Guten Morgen Weber Family,
Rieley George is doing great. He is such an excellent little puppy. He has already brought much joy to my home and family. I am very happy he is here for his first Christmas. I generally bring Rieley with me to visit family and friends. He is sooo friendly and playful. Everyone that see him falls in love with him, but especially me. He is such a good little boy!!! He is so funny too. Rieley George is loved so much and has a good life here!! ("The Life of Rieley")

Gustav vom Webrschlösschen moved to N.J.
Gordon vom Weberschlösschen moved to Lancaster PA
Gerti vom Weberschlösschen moved to FL

Gretchen vom Weberschlösschen moved to VA
Giovanni vom Weberschlösschen moved to MD from his family: we Love,Love,Love Rudy! I just can't say enough how much we are enjoying him.
Thanks for all your great work and advice and making our lives so much happier!

Monday, November 28, 2011

NATC Fall Event 2011

We hosted the NATC Fall Event November 17-19 2011.
It was very nice seeing lots of our grown puppies and their families.
More pictures can be seen here!/media/set/?set=a.251472241572862.68996.110450475675040&type=3
Congrats to Zoe vom Weberschlösschen receiving the the rating of "Excellent" as well as Yoschi vom Weberschlösschen received the rating of "Excellent"
Emily and Ella vom Weberschlösschen at a bit over 6 month of age received the rating of "very promissing"
Congratulations to Amelie von der Heckenrose daughter of Felix and Olivia vom Weberschlösschen winning Best of Show

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pictures of our Weberschlösschen Kids

Here are a few pictures of our Weberschlösschen Kids we received in the past, if we did not receive a recent picture of your Weberschlösschen kids, please send it to us, we are always happy to get them.

We heard from George vom Weberschlösschen aka Rieley and family

Rieley George is doing great. He is such an excellent little puppy. He has already brought much joy to my home and family. I am very happy he is here for his first Christmas. I generally bring Rieley with me to visit family and friends. He is sooo friendly and playful. Everyone that see him falls in love with him, but especially me. He is such a good little boy!!! He is so funny too. Rieley George is loved so much and has a good life here!! ("The Life of Rieley")

We heard from Frederick vom Weberschlösschen aka Freddy Merry Christmas to all the Webers from Freddy and family Thank you for our best gift ever.

Ella vom Weberschlösschen, Bianca von der Heckenrose and their friend Hershey

Nike and Katarina vom Weberschlösschen aka Traveller and Lucy

Hi Alexandra:

Wanted to send you some recent pictures of Lucy and Traveller. They are so precious. Doesn't matter how many bones are on the floor, Lucy still wants Traveller's and she let's her voice be heard. Traveller barks when Lucy tells him he can bark. Most of all, Lucy knows when I don't feel well and always wants to give me a hug. She literally wraps her body around my neck and kisses my cheek.
Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs.

From The Lausch Boys and Family:Greetings Alexandra,
I wanted to share our Chrismas card with you. As usual our boys love to pose for the camera. Kona is on the left, Indy on the right and Ziggy in the middle. We think of you often and wish you and your family a joyus holiday season.
We also would like to thank you once again for our wonderful Teckels. They are the most loving, even-tempered, athletic and beautiful animals we ...have ever owned. I don't know what we would do without them. We enjoy long walks in the forest with them as they run free and enjoy nature. Indy is the hunter (great nose and sight) while Kona is the retriever and sounder. He has a Bark just like a hound. As I've said before, you don't just breed beautiful animals, you provide a vehicle of love and hapiness to everyone your dogs come in contact with. They always make people smile....Thank You for all you do!
Happy Holidays!

Valentino aka Teo vom Weberschlösschen

Bertram and Bogner vom Weberschlösschen, sending their greetings from TX

Yoschi vom Weberschlösschen

Alfi vom Weberschlösschen (son of Lilly X Felix)

Dominik vom Weberschlösschen 10 Month old
Your R Puppies are 3 years old on Nov. 18, 2011.  Raleigh is happy, smart, funny and such a "joy" in our lives.  He always brings smiles and happiness to everyone he comes in contact with. Thank you, again, to your commitment to excellence in breeding these wonderful puppies. Raleigh vom Weberschlösschen

Florentina vom Weberschlösschen We call her Florik, she is smart, very active and has excellent temperament. By now she knows four commands: come, fetch, sit and no.  We take her everywhere with us. She is not house broken yet, mostly because we cant keep her locked, but she is paper trained :) and she never does anything in the car. My old dog still very much disappointed and is not playing with Florik. I am not loosing hope yet :). Florik brought so much happiness to our lives. She is absolutely precious. Thank you for our baby!
Hi Alexandra
 From NJ we moved to Montreal, Canada two years ago. I am sorry we did not stay in touch during those years by sending you pictures and letting you know how wonderful our dogs are - but it is never too late, right?
Here is a picture of them both.
Jacare and Romeo vom Weberschlösschen
They are doing fantastic - they are the best dogs ever! You may not know this, but every day, we thank you for this happiness in our lives.
Romeo is 10 pounds and Monsieur Dupont is 12 pounds - both so gorgeous
Congratulations on all your accomplishments with the Weberschloesschen name. Our dogs are simply the best dogs in the world!
Warmest regards to you and your family,
News from Freddy and family: 
Hi Alexandra,
We are so pleased with Freddy and so grateful to your children for letting us have him.
I know they must miss him, but they can be assured that he is being taken care of with
the utmost care and love.
He's sleeping through the night in his crate by the side of our bed. The rest of the day,
He's so very cuddly. He likes to burrow in my neck or drape himself around the back of
my neck and go to sleep. He knows his name, and "Dad"'s name, and he always greets
both us with wagging tail and puppy kisses.
His house training is going wonderfully. He has been getting out and around with me:
yesterday he came to Physical Therapy with me (I'm having a hip replaced Nov. 14) and
was well behaved in his crate while I did the exercises.. He met my hairdresser, too.
Everyone just melts when they see him. He greets many of them with kisses on the nose.
Monday morning we will be going to his first vet appointment, and I know everyone there
will go crazy with admiration. What a champ he is... exactly what we wanted in every way.
I don't even care that he isn't black and tan! He is our Freddy, and he's wonderful.
Thank you, Alexandra. This is obviously a dog with a wonderful temperament.
Frederick vom Weberschlösschen

Hi! The trip home was easy, but long.

Freddy slept most of the way in my lap. Last night we put him in the crate next to our bed at about 10:15 and he slept till 12:15; I took him out and he had a pee, then he slept till 5:30.
He's settling in nicely. He likes to lie next to me on the couch fora little nap.

We've already been out to lunch, and tonight we'll go to my quilting group.

He seems to like the crate as a retreat.
He's such a happy, energetic little boy!
You have done such a good job with him so far that our job of housetraining is going to be much easier.

We loved visiting your house and getting to meet mom Flori, Papa Jimmy and all the aunts and uncles. I wish I'd taken a photo of all of them out in the yard together.
You will be hearing from us again very soon!

Best always, A&C

Ella vom Weberschlösschen and her new family
 Ella is truly a joy. She goes outside to be "a good girl" and has had no in house incidents. She goes outside early and then loves a little snuggle time until about 6. Eats all her meals, loves exploring, and sleeps in her kennel well. She is not timid around people and loves her belly rubbed. I try to litghtly brush her at night for a few.moments and she seems to love it.

We couldn't ask for more! All of this thanks to you.

Prinz Rüdiger vom Weberschlösschen
Yoachim vom Weberschlösschen
Alexia vom Weberschlösschen aka Lexi taking in the sun with buddy "Hobby"

Prinz Wilhelm vom Weberschlösschen aka "Willy"

"Willy" is now three years old. He is a true character. He is nimble as a cat and constantly is figuring out how to get into anything that isn't locked shut. We have never seen such an athletic dog. He has a loving personality and always has to be where we are in our home. He has become very protective of our other female dachshund, Carly, and also is the watch dog of the neighborhood. Everybody knows Willys bark !
He is in excellent health and we groom him and brush his teeth regularly. His veterinarian can't believe how clean and white his teeth are. We still feed him only Royal Canine and nothing else except carrots as a treat. A very remarkable dog and we couldn't be happier. 
Quadro vom Weberschlösschen
Bogner and Bertram vom Weberschlösschen 8month old
 Hope you are all well and having a good summer. We recently visited my mother at her assisted living home and Q was WONDERFUL with all of the residents, most in wheelchairs. He gave them a lot of love and joy as he does for us every day. I love him with all my heart.
Zoe vom Weberschlösschen 1 year old
she had a emergency surgery(due to swallowing stones) and is still working on growing her coat back
Conrad vom Weberschlösschen 6 month

Conrad vom Weberschlösschen 7 Month old

Conrad vom Weberschlösschen 8 month old

Dorothy vom Weberschlösschen aka Isabella 6 month old

Dorothy vom Weberschlösschen aka Isabella

Dominik vom Weberschlösschen 5 month old

Debbie vom Weberschlösschen aka Lucy enjoys riding in the RV

Dominik vom Weberschlösschen 6 month old

Ziggy (left), Kona and Indy vom Weberschlösschen

Jade vom Weberschlösschen June 2011

Carlos vom Weberschlösschen

Christoph and Cadfael vom Weberschlösschen

Kona, Ziggy and Indy Spring 2011

Xander vom Weberschlösschen aka Waldi,with his best friend George

Xander vom Weberschlösschn aka Waldi

Raleigh vom Weberschlösschen

Raleigh vom Weberschlösschen

Jade vom Weberschlösschen

Stanley and Trisha vom Weberschlösschen

Zoe vom Weberschlösschen

Zoe vom Weberschlösschen 6 month old

Yulchen vom Weberschlösschen

Jade vom Weberschlösschen-what an elegant lady

Vanessa vom Weberschlösschen -looks like her dad Felix

Xandria vom Weberschlösschen aka Abbey relaxing on the boat in Baltimore MD

Siegfried vom Weberschlösschen aka Finn and his buddy Porter

Kona, and Indy vom Weberschlösschen with their brother Ziggy
Quinn vom Weberschlösschen
Quinn and Nico vom Weberschlösschen totally relaxed

Serge vom Weberschlösschen

Yulchen vom Weberschlösschen aka "Callen Frances Yulchen"

Xylina vom Weberschlösschen aka Roohi

Xandria vom Weberschlösschen aka "Abby" she has her own

Tommy vom Weberschlösschen aka "Otto"

Xander vom Weberschlösschen aka "Waldi"
Ginny and Gibbs vom Weberschlösschen
Olivia vom Weberschlösschen

Here are the first pictures of a our W litter girls
Here is Wilhelmine aka "Emma" on her trip to chilly FL
This is Winifred "Winnie" keeping warm in her owners jacket

Here is Wilhelmina aka "Elsa" with her buddy Emmy
Just wanted to send you a picture of Elsa with her cat Tucker. She is wonderful.
Everyone who meets here comments on how sweet and snuggly she is.

our V litter moved out and we got several updates that all of them are doing great.
Here is a not from Vanessa and Jade's family and recent pictures of Vanessa vom Weberschlösschen with her 'big sister' Jade vom Weberschlösschen.
Vanessa is an amazing puppy and is very, very special. She fit right in with the other dogs and is right at home with Jade to show her what to do. Both Jade and Vanessa are true gifts and bring us Joy and Happiness in large quantities, we are privileged to have them. Thank you for our very special, sweet and intelligent dogs. Their quality, health and temperament are obvious to all, not to mention their fabulous personalities - you are the best!   (here Vanessa at 4 month)

 Jade vom Weberschlösschen and Vanessa vom Weberschlösschen are best buddies!

 Newest picture April 2010 of Fiona (Victoria) and Teo (Valentino)
                                          We got pictures from Valentino (Teo) and Victoria (Fiona) here playing tuck-of-war with Milo (Nemo vom Weberschlösschen)      

Milo (Nemo vom Weberschlösschen)

Here is a note and pictures from Veronica's aka "Trixie" family,

........................................She's a total love to everyone she meets.

She's been house trained and is responding very well to going potty on her special pad. She knows the command, "go potty" and will run to her pad. She also knows the word "treat" and is happy to recieve the freeze dried liver after every trip to the potty.
She's doing well with other commands such as "don't bite", "no", "come" and "sit". We haven't been able to take her to a puppy class for further training with all this snow we've been receiving. I'm sure your area was hit just as hard.
As for Oscar, he's turned into a very different dog. He and Trixie really enjoy playing together. With the exception of the rawhides, he shares everything with her or they turn it into a game of chase and tag.

I can't tell you enough how pleased we are with her. She's a very loveable, affectionate and sweet puppy. I promise, I will send pictures soon.

Here a greeting and picture from Samuel vom Weberschlösschen aka Maxi

Christmas Greeting from Siegfried aka Finn, enjoying the snow

We heard from Iacocco now living in CA
Hi Alexandra-
Marlon, Yocco and I have just moved to Los Angeles, CA. We drove with Yocco cross-country! It took about a week. Yocco was perfect. We are so glad we took him for the ride (vs. sending him on the new doggie airlines). He is very much enjoying the warm CA weather, and loves the sun (literally he will lie directly in the sun, it's pretty funny). He has made lots of new friends, and is often playing with my parents mini schnauzer.

I think every year we all fall deeper in love. He means the world to us, and we can't thank you enough for him. I have attached pics. The pic at the beach was from this summer in Bridgehampton. The others are in our living room in Los Angeles.

PS Feel free to use me anytime as a reference for potential puppy mommy and daddy's.

Hello Alexandra & Family,

Since Quadro has made so many friends we decided to have a party for his first birthday! Nine of his best friends came to celebrate and we had quite a fun time. I've attached a few pictures from the party for you to see. Quadro was very excited to see so many of his friends in his own yard and house. They played for a couple hours and we all agreed to continue to get together - we have many new friends now! Claudia & Kem Quadro and Friend at his birthday party
Our U-litter moved to their new families and we heard from all of them and got great reports, everyone settled in nicely, and their new families are very happy with them.
Here a note from Ulrichs (Ullie) family
As promised, here are a few pictures of Ullie enjoying his humans and the recent snowfall. I hope you enjoy them as much as we are enjoying Ullie. Obviously, we decided that Ullie was the best name for the pup as it fits his personality pretty well. We considered calling him Peanut because he REALLY likes peanuts. I dropped one while eating some and he picked it up. Now I can’t open the can that holds the peanuts without a little help from the floor. What a jewel he is .

Ursula vom Weberschlösschen aka Zoe
We can't thank you enough for Ursula. She is the best

Mag ,peg, Zoe

Here a note from Uschis family
Uschi is doing great Alexandra. She is so smart and a real family member. I must praise you for raising such a nice dog. She is playful and loving.
We just love her
We heard from Ulike´s family Hi Alexandra,!
We are so excited to have Ulrike home! She and Monti are getting along wonderfully, as you predicted Monti went into the crate after we put Ulrike in and she started crying. It has been peaceful ever since and Ulrike seems to be content.
I will forward you pictures as she grows. Thanks so much for the opportunity to own one of your beautiful dogs!
We received a great picture of Serge vom Weberschlösschen a Felix son, looks just like Felix!
Hi Alexandra - an update on one of your S Litter alumni

Serge is maybe the best dog I've had the pleasure to know - he's energetic, affectionate, smart, adventurous and very athletic. He's grown really well, his coat is starting to come in and the hernia on his belly is almost gone. My wife took this picture and while it doesn't show too much of him, it captures one of his main attributes - his alertness. He's a busy little dog who just wants to please, and whose tail never stops.
All that and he's good looking enough that people stop us in the street when we're out for a walk. If I can get him to stop eating my shoes, then life will be just about perfect :-)

Hope this finds you well.
All the best

Raleigh vom Weberschlösschen said Hello on his 1st Birthday Nov.18 2009
he is another handsome Weberschlösschen Boy!

Hi Alexandra,
I hope this finds you and your family in good health. As you know, today your “R” puppies celebrate their first birthday. I am sending you some updated pictures of Raleigh. He is doing so wonderfully. Remy, my red female, turned 12 this year. My little black and tan, Ripley, turned 10 this year and all three get along so well. They are a close little pack. Ripley always liked to play, but Remy slowed down in past years until Raleigh came along. He really has a way about him to get her to play with him. They are all blessings in my life.
Warm Regards,
Nico and Quinn say Hello two very handsome boys

Princess Sophia and Anya

Queen Koume moves with her family from Philadelphia to live in Japan.
 We spend wonderful life with Koume in Japan.Tobias aka "Brandy" and family are saying "Hello" all the way from Palm Desert CA, it look like he is happy there-he is smiling! (next two pictures)

I appreciate that you give us a great dog.

...........Brandy's coloring is changing. The middle of his back from top to bottom is turning red. It looks like he is going to be red possibly with the black overlay. Everywhere we go people say how beautiful his coloring is. They say they have never seen anything like it. He gives people sweet little licks.

Quadro and family are saying "Hello" from WI
Hello Alexandra, We're sending you a couple pictures of Quadro on his 9 month birthday. He has grown so beautiful and we are so pleased with him. He is such a sweet boy, he loves being with us and we take him everywhere we go. He is very well behaved with children and adults and is a 'hit' when we get together with friends. He loves his yard and has enjoyed helping us garden all spring and summer. We love his playfulness and wonderfully friendly personality. We have never had such a lovely, gorgeous and companionable dachsund. Thank you for all you do to raise these wonderful dogs. - Claudia & Kem
Stanley and sister Thrisha taking a nap
Here is Tommy at 11 weeks

then a picture of Quinton and Gunter

Prinzessin Sophia
a picture of Maria aka Anya and

Nico and Quinn

Here is a picture of Prinz Rüdiger, a son from our Finchen (Left)

Siegfried aka Finn said "Hi" here at 6 month old

We heard from Quintessa aka Kandi and her family
She truly is a gem and we feel so lucky to have her with us. Thanks again....

We got new pictures from our Weberschl�sschen kids in CA Juliet-Lilly aka Lilly and Prinz George

We heard from the family of FraAdd Imagenzi, sister of Felix, Finchen and Flori:

Hi Alexandra,
Sending you a picture of Franzi. I took it today as she was sunning herself on her favorite spot. We are having our fun with her and thank the Lord for her. She is just a good and smart little creature.
take care and God bless! Inge
Linny and GibbsHere are Gunny, Gibbs, Linny and QuintonBuster and Ollie-Best Friends!

Happy Birthday Ollie-1 year old
on March 29th 2009

We heard from
Moritz vom Weberschlösschen aka "Reggie"
He has grown into a handsome dog with a beautiful coat!
Lilly vom Weberschlösschen

Lilly's owners wrote us:
I do not think in the whole world there are more beautiful dogs then your dogs. Your commitment to excellence in breeding these beautiful creatures shows in every picture. It was fun to see all the other pictures and our Lilly as well. Thanks.
Our Lilly has gotten to be such a good dog. She finally is out of the crazy puppy stage. She is so much fun now and we love her so much. What a wonderful sweet dog she is. She is so affectionate and so smart. What is funny about her she is very verbal. If she wants something she does not bark she almost talks. She makes distinct sounds that sound like words. We totally know what she wants. We just laugh when she does it. If she wants to go out it is a different sound the when she wants to play. It is just hysterical. We are having so much fun with her. She has been a very healthy dog so far well. She is just a wonderful dog. If I ever want to get a dog in the future I will know who to contact. I totally see why you love this breed they are exceptional dogs.
Thanks Alexandra I hope you never stop doing what you are doing :-)

Indy and Kona vom Weberschlösschen their brother Ziggy in the middle

Jade vom Weberschlösschen (two pictures)Jolilly vom Weberschl�sschenPr�nz Wilhem vom Weberschl�sschen and his "sister" CarleyJacare aka Monsieur Dupont.
Moritz vom Weberschl�sschen aka Reggie

Franziska vom Weberschl�sschen
Oliver Kahn vom Weberschl�sschen

Prinz George and Juliet-Lilly vom Weberschl�sschen

Prinzessin Sophia vom Weberschl�sschen(Finchens daughter) Prinzessin Sophia and Maria vom WeberschlösschenPrinz Rüdiger vom WeberschlösschenNicole vom WeberschlösschenBogart vom Weberschlösschen aka Buster

Buster at 9 month

Hannah and Isabella vom Weberschlösschen

Ginger vom Weberschlösschen (next two pictures)

Ginger having fun! Iacocca vom Weberschlösschen

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