Friday, December 30, 2011

Our G2 puppies moved out

The G2 litter is moving out 2 girls and 4 boys out of Elizabeth vom Weberschlösschen and Jesse James von Rehblick
George vom Weberschlösschen moved to MD from his family:
Guten Morgen Weber Family,
Rieley George is doing great. He is such an excellent little puppy. He has already brought much joy to my home and family. I am very happy he is here for his first Christmas. I generally bring Rieley with me to visit family and friends. He is sooo friendly and playful. Everyone that see him falls in love with him, but especially me. He is such a good little boy!!! He is so funny too. Rieley George is loved so much and has a good life here!! ("The Life of Rieley")

Gustav vom Webrschlösschen moved to N.J.
Gordon vom Weberschlösschen moved to Lancaster PA
Gerti vom Weberschlösschen moved to FL

Gretchen vom Weberschlösschen moved to VA
Giovanni vom Weberschlösschen moved to MD from his family: we Love,Love,Love Rudy! I just can't say enough how much we are enjoying him.
Thanks for all your great work and advice and making our lives so much happier!


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