Monday, April 12, 2010

The X litter moved out....and we have already updates....

Xandria moved to Annapolis, MD
Hi Alexandra,
Well, we've had Abbey (Xandria) two weeks now and, goodness, have our lives changed! Today she is 10 weeks old.

Abbey is a blessing in a very small package. She is filled with love and good humor combined with a very stubborn streak showing all her Deckel characteristics in a 3 pound package. She is growing and each day I see changes in her.
She sleeps in her crate at night and goes in without a whimper or a cry. She takes naps during the day, usually lying on my shoulder where we both benefit from the love that flows between us. She plays with her toys like it is a battle to the death (usually the toy dies!) and runs and jumps outside with delight. Of course, true to her breed, everything goes into her mouth - rocks, leaves, sticks, worms and dirt. I spend my days saying "No Abbey, no Abbey" until I believe she thinks her name is "No Abbey". Does she listen to me, usually not! But I keep trying.

I feel like the mother of a newborn child where my day is focused on the baby, playing with Abbey, walking Abbey, napping with Abbey! We have taken her out to town and she adapts to it beautifully. She is too small to walk the sidewalks yet with all the crowds so I carry her in a doggie sling. She has played in the beautiful grass beside the capital building and lunched at a sidewalk cafe. She is admired by all who see her and many strangers have stopped us to have their picture taken with Abbey. She goes right to them and gives them a friendly lick, just in time for the photo. Of course, they don't want Bill or I in the photo, just the adorable puppy. Our town is very dog friendly and shop keepers usually have a supply of dog treats for the visiting pet. Abbey was fussed over in a lovely jewelery store we stopped in, given a doggie treat and her own bottle of water. (No jewelery was offered, but who knows what can happen!) Again she was passed from arm to arm and took it all in her stride.

We have signed up for Puppy Kindergarten classes that we will start in May.

Abbey and our cat, Patty, are still coming to terms with each other. Abbey wants to be friends and play, the cat tolerates her but isn't sure yet just how far she wants to get to know Abbey. But, unlike her usual behavoir, the cat stays in the kitchen with us all day in her own bed instead of taking off to her usual napping spots. That says a lot for the future relationship!
The housetraining is going as well as anyone could expect at 10 weeks old. I think she is picking it up very quickly.

There is no doubt Abbey is extremely smart and knows just what she wants. When we go for walks it is usually where Abbey wants to walk, not where I wanted to go. We are getting to know our neighborhood and the other dogs in it. Abbey is always pleased to see them and never barks, just wags her tails and wait to see what happens. Yesterday we met a 10 month old Collie and Abbey handled it all like a champion.
I am attaching some photos we took and we will keep you up to date on her progress often. I know alll the good traits Abbey has have come from the care and attention you give to breeding the dogs and socializing them before they come to their future homes. Thank you!
I could never have guessed Abbey would be mine, Bill did a wonderful job keeping the surprise. Thank you for your help in all of the planning!
Well, time for a walk!

Xander moved to Atlanta, GA
Xylina  vom Weberschlösschen aka Roohi at about 10 weeks old
Hi Alexandra and Family, Congratulations on your Y litter trio !!! And to all the Y families "in waiting" are in for a real sweet treat when your puppy pick-up date arrives !!! Our little girl Roohi Xylina is certainly living up to her name's special meaning..( a beautiful, unique soul ) ! She seems to like her new home and after only 2 nights of "pipping" at 3:30 a.m., is sleeping snuggled in her crate all through the night !! We are still a work in progress on the housebreaking but it will happen and overall she is doing well. Our 3 year old chocolate doxie, Gibson has finally figured out that Roohi is here to stay.....he has attempted to share her crate even though he himself has not used one for over 2 years. I took Roohi on a special visit to a homebound member of our church who is on oxygen. Roohi gave her much love and many kisses as you can see in the picture !! Again, she lived up to her initials of Rx as she really brightened France's day and gave her great joy !! My elderly friend is looking forward to many more Rx visits !! Roohi was also the favorite at the church's preschool for "show and share" ! Now I am known to the parents as the teacher with the beautiful puppy !!! Thanks again for the opportunity to own one of your wonderful pups. We are blessed ! She brings delight to all who meet her and she is truly and uniquely special !!!

Xylina moved to Lansdale, PA
Xantus moved to Lancaster PA

Xenia moved to Midlothian VA
we got already an update on this little girl:
Hello Alexandra!

Thank you so much for the picture- we have been thinking about you as well and I apologize that I had yet to e-mail you and let you know how our trip had gone and how little Rosie Ann (Melanie's name is Melanie Ann so she decided that Rosie Ann was appropriate!) is doing in her new home. First of all- we are convinced that we have acquired the cutest and the best behaved little dachshund you ever bred! She was a dream in the car - crying very little and sleeping much. The first night seemed effortless- she slept in her little crate by our bedside and only cried once at about 3am - I took her out,she went potty, and got right back to sleep. The second night was a repeat. She has eaten all her food everytime, is quite anxious to make friends with Gideon, kisses freely, and has learned to sit on command already (ok- maybe I am exagerating a little on the sitting command- :)) but I am sure she will master that soon too. We showed her off to a couple of our neighbors yesterday and they could not believe how beautiful she is.
So all is well with little Rosie (Xenia/Miss Orange)- as I write this she is sleeping peacefully in her crate dreaming perhaps of her other home in the Pennsylvania countryside far away but knowing she is loved many times over in her new Virginia home.
Thank you again for your thoughtfulness toward Melanie and all your time with us on Saturday. We all enjoyed meeting 'Miss Alexandra' in person.
We will definitely stay in touch and let you know how your little one is doing.