Tuesday, June 29, 2010

NATC Event in N.J. June 20 2010

Jesse James and Jimmy
We had another successful NATC event at the Winnebago Scout Reservation in N.J. I meet a lot of nice people, and seen lots of nice dogs. I was especially happy to see Serge vom Weberschlösschen and owners and Vanessa and Jade vom Weberschlösschen and owners.
Our judge was Frau Heike Behring she did an excellent job judging and explaining why a certain dog got a certain Formwert or rating. It was a very long, hot and humid day but a lot of fun!
I took my new teckel boys, Jesse James and Jimmy, just a few days short of being 1 year old, both got the rating "excellent" and passed their temperament test. Michayla also was along she also received an excellent and passed the temperament test.
I also had Olivia vom Weberschlösschen along her owner was unable to bring her, she also got an excellent and passed the temperament test. In the end Jesse James got best Longhair out of all the longhair teckels, a beautiful standard wire hair bitch won BOB

Olivia getting measured 
Olivia is getting her teeth checked
BOB dogs

Serge vom Weberschlösschen

Serge is getting his teeth checked

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our Y litter moved out

Yoschi moved to Washington D.C., we heard that he is doing well and settled in nicely
Yulchen moved to WI
We here from Yulchen aka Calla's family Hi Alexandra,

I have been meaning to let you know how we are doing. Yes, I received the papers. I couldn't understand any of it but did read all the names of parents and grandparents to Calla. She seemed to be excited about it! ha!
We have been busy visiting the kids, grandkids and grandpuppies. Calla makes friends with everyone. Right after the 4th we went camping for 5 days in upper WI for a country music festival that we have been attending for over 20 yrs. I couldn't stand the thought of leaving her behind so Calla went with us. She loved it. She loved the camper and had fun meeting all of our friends that we camp with.
Calla is such a joy! She is so good. She has doubled her size and is so beautiful. We have had some accidents in the house but mostly when someone is over and my focus gets "busy". Also we have had so much rain that it makes it hard to get either dog out. Today, though, Calla decided to be brave and went out in the rain. She had so much fun. She didn't even mind the toweling off after she came in.
I am hoping the chewing is at its height now. No lost teeth yet. Most the time she does listen and stops biting people, socks, blankets, pillows, shoes, bedding, furniture, books, clothes, etc. I'm running out of "high" places to put things! We have lots of toys so easy substitutions are made successfully most of the time. She picks things up very quickly so I am confident all will be well in no time.

Again, I have to thank you for developing these wonderful dogs. Aside from being beautiful, Calla is loving, snuggly, fearless, and happy! I can't imagine my life without her.

I will send another picture soon.
Take care,
Yoachim moved to Augusta GA
We heard from Yoachim's family
I have been wanting to write and tell you how happy Yoachim is and how well he is adjusting to his forever home. He is wagging his tail all the time and is so happy. He is a loving little fella and I get a great deal of joy holding him. I hope I don't spoil him too much. He is eating well on his Canine baby dog food. He has his crate in the kitchen along with Topaz and her crate. The kitchen is near the back door to the patio where they go into the back yard.

I took him to Dr. Walker the vet here and got his booster injection and he will go back in one month for his last one. Dr. Walker (Highland Animal Hospital in Augusta) examined him and said he was a fine boy! I did get to see his boarding facility in case I needed a good place for him in case of an emergency.

It is getting near to the time that little Lilly will have her litter. I will watch for the event. Needless to say, I would love to have another little boy to go with Yoachim. Maybe I could if you have a litter in late March of next year.

Thank you for sending the pedigree for Yoachim and I will keep watching your news. Take care,
We met the new owner of Yoachim at the Harrisburg Airport. We heard that he was such a good boy on his trip.